Protect yourself against cyber fraud. ALTÁN DOES NOT sell or send promotions to end-users.

12 November, 2019


Recently, text messages have circulated, as well as URLs or links to websites, which ensure false benefits for being our clients, so it is necessary to clarify that Altán Redes S.A.P.I. from C.V. (Altán) does not send messages through any channel, nor does offer promotions to the consumers, since it operates a completely wholesale network, and, under no circumstances does it sell telecommunications services to end-users. 

It is important to emphasize that ALTÁN Redes, as responsible for the design, deployment, operation, and maintenance of the Red Compartida, does not offer gifts or benefits in exchange for personal information. 

These messages are a type of fraud called phishing, a cybercrime that, by usurping the identity of a company or person, directs users to a web page to obtain confidential data, to then supplant their identity and make purchases or withdraw money from people’s bank accounts. 

Our recommendation is to ignore these messages and not respond to emails from suspicious or unknown senders. Likewise, do not enter the links attached to these emails, nor provide personal data (users and/or passwords) in any link sent by email, chat or text message with these characteristics. 

About ALTÁN Redes 

Mexican private Company that develops and operates Red Compartida, the most important telecommunications Network in recent years in Mexico. Altán has passed the first phase of its operation with the successful deployment of 50% coverage of the population of Mexico, with the best 4.5G technology over the 700 MHz band. The benefits of Altán Redes are currently the best according to the independent quality indices published on the mobile market in Mexico. It has more than 40 clients, among which the main telecommunications operators and retail distributors in the country stand out. Altán announced on October 1 the start of the deployment of social coverage to provide broadband services to the most marginalized populations in Mexico. Red Compartida is developed through a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Government of Mexico, with the final objective of reaching 92.2% of the country’s inhabitants under a wholesale, neutral and non-discriminatory model. 

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