Latin Finance selects Red Compartida for award

5 June, 2018

  • Javier Salgado, Managing Director of ALTÁN Redes, acknowledges the privilege and prestige of receiving this award
  • Red Compartida’s innovative infrastructure project finance opens-up new possibilities for other social benefiting projects in Mexico and the world

Mexico City, November 1st, 2017 – The renowned international magazine, Latin Finance, named the Red Compartida project as the winner of its “Best Loan”, “Best Sponsor” and “Best Infrastructure Financing” awards yesterday in Mexico City.

ALTÁN Redes –the company in charge of the design, development and operation of Red Compartida– shared the award and recognition with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

The publication recognized both the ability of ALTÁN Redes to generate financing from multiple sources and the size and structure of its package of economic resources. The magazine also gave high marks to ALTÁN’s capacity to protect the project from market volatility by covering its exposure to the U.S. dollar and interest rates.

“ALTÁN and its shareholders, as well as all those involved in the Red Compartida project, consider it a privilege and honor to receive this important recognition from Latin Finance,” said ALTÁN Redes Managing Director Javier Salgado during the awarding.

Red Compartida, whose main objective is to reduce the digital gap in Mexico, will transform the National telecommunications market by bringing greater competition to the sector, improving accessibility and achieving service coverage for 92.2% of Mexico’s population –all with a modern, mobile 4.5 G-LTE broadband wholesale network. This will increase access to high-speed, high-capacity telecommunication services and help place Mexico at the forefront of digital inclusion strategies.

The innovation of Red Compartida’s financing model opens a window of opportunity for new and different types of infrastructure financing projects with vast social benefits that can be replicated in Mexico and the world.

“It took great courage and an open-mind from our shareholders, technology partners and the Mexican development banks to support and promote a promising enterprise that will benefit millions of people in Mexico who currently do not have Internet access or basic connectivity,” concluded Mr. Salgado.

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